Promotion Elements


* Logo and Active link to site World Expo


* increase in attendance by 200%


* increase in attendance by 400%

Placement in the block Media Partner

Placement on the site in the desired Industry and Topic

Buttons Ticket and Stand with active transition and forwarding to the Organizer's e-mail

Going to the Organizer's website

E-mail reminder to the client 15, 30, 60, 90 days before the event

Two articles in the News block

One post on Facebook

One thematic email distribution

On-line notifications Push by industry customer data base

Promotion on the search page and industry events in the Recommended events block (Industry, Country, Regions)

Priority issue in the catalog of events (Industry, Country, Regions)

Promotion on the Main page in the block Popular events

PROMO page Exhibition Center and output to a recommended block (for owners)

PROMO page for the Organizer

Advertising banner on the search page and industry events




Event Report and Analytics

Increase event conversion with World Expo

* Shows in block Recommended Events and Priority Issuance block in the events catalog are based on organic statistics
** Terms of the media partners block: an active banner and an active link to us as partners
*** 15% discount when ordering an additional Industry, or when ordering several events at the same time (for large organizers individual pricing)