​The most popular houseplants for 2024

Houseplant sales have rocketed over the last few years following a boom in plant parents during the pandemic. Bringing the outdoors in, all while adding interest and texture to our interiors, shows no signs of waning, but it’s not only about the aesthetics. The benefits of indoor plants are well-known, from improving air quality and circulation, to supporting better wellbeing and mental health.

Whether you're a new plant parent or a horticultural enthusiast, here are the biggest houseplant trends for 2024.

1. Indoor Jungle

'The biggest houseplant trend for 2024 is going to be the continuation of the jungle look which started in 2023,' says Angela Slater of Hayes Garden World. 'Recreating a jungle by grouping a lot of large specimen plants together will form part of the home's décor by providing a focal point.

'Large-leaved plants such as maranta, calathea, alocasia, Swiss cheese plant, and tall palms are going to form the basis of the jungle look, with gaps infilled by smaller specimens.'

And, it's a trend that lends itself well to balconies, too.

2. More Flowers Please

Flowering plants can elevate an interior in an instant, providing a lovely burst of colour, even if only for a short period.

‘Anthuriums are making a significant comeback this year with their vivid flowers and lush foliage,' reveals Beth Chapman, founder of Leaf Envy, an online plant shop. 'They're becoming a symbol of sophistication in home decor, reflecting a broader trend of incorporating flowering plants to create vibrant, living spaces.’

3. Textures and Patterns

Choosing unique plants with textured leaves will become a focus in 2024. 'The Alocasia family, with its diverse varieties like Frydek, Black Velvet, Silver Dragon, Zebrina, and Clarinervium, is capturing the imagination of plant lovers,' says Beth. 'Their graphical leaves, ranging from striking patterns to bold textures, are turning homes into natural art galleries.'

4. Rare and Unusual

One trend we know isn’t going away is the desire for rare plants. ‘In 2024, the quest for rare and unusual houseplants continues to captivate plant collectors, always on the lookout for new and exotic species,' says Beth.

These rare and new species provide plant enthusiasts with 'not just plants, but unique and intriguing living art pieces that spark conversation and bring a sense of discovery' into our living spaces.

5. The Quiet Luxury Effect

So, 'rare' might be in, but traditional houseplants aren't going anywhere. For those who are not as fascinated by unique species, the gorgeous, structural evergreens that we all know and love will continue to be staples in the home.

'The last few years people have been seeking out and splashing the cash for the philodendron pink princess’s and variegated cheese plants of the plant world. I think we will be stripping this back and almost joining the quiet luxury trend of the plant world and sticking to the classics – your faithful Monstera Delicosa, fiddle leaf figs and pothos,' says Emma Sibley, founder and director of London Terrariums.

6. Go Vertical

There's always room for more plants, even in small spaces – you just need to get creative. Style plants on a floating wall shelf and don’t forget the ceiling either. 'Attaching a trellis to the ceiling rather than individual hooks will provide a much more versatile hanging surface,’ says Angela. Hoya, spider plants, and philodendron are good varieties to try here.

7. Starter Plants Reign Supreme

Instead of opting for plants that may require at least a little bit of a green thumb, succulents and cacti are easy to care for and will look great just about anywhere.

'Houseplant sales have boomed in recent years and this is going to continue with novice plant keepers benefitting from the inclusion of nature in their everyday lives. Succulents and cacti are the ultimate starter plants, almost impossible to kill,' says Angela.

8. Biophilic Design

Biophilic design consists of a set of principles that aim to improve our connection with nature. An easy way to bring biophilic design into your home is through houseplants, whether it's trailing plants hanging from the ceiling or a herb garden on the kitchen windowsill.

9. Grown in Britain

Sustainability remains high on the agenda as we aim to reduce waste in 2024 and beyond, focusing on sourcing British-grown plants and using peat-free soil.

"2024 marks a pivotal year for UK-grown peat-free houseplants," says Beth. "This environmental change not only supports local growers, but also reflects greater environmental responsibility among plant lovers."

10. No Green Thumb? Fake It

'Artificial houseplants are also on trend this year, appealing to those who fear killing the real thing,' says Angela. 'They are also fantastic for those awkward dark, cool areas that are so difficult to fill with real plants.'

Instead of getting plastic ones, choose ones where the foliage is made of silk. Just remember to dust them regularly so they continue.